7 Tips To Prevent Cockroaches And Bugs In Kitchen

7 Tips To Prevent Cockroaches And Bugs In Kitchen

Sharing a kitchen with creepy, crawly and nasty cockroaches and bugs can cause allergies and trigger asthma for some people. It can also lead to a foodborne illness and various health hazards.


One of the main reasons behind the unwanted presence of these roaches is a dirty or messy kitchen. Food splatters and spills on counters and floors, damp areas and moderate temperatures are the breeding ground for lethal germs, insects and roaches.


They crawl across the kitchen countertop, stovetop and even utensils. If you don’t want to fall sick or keep your family healthy, prevent the spread of bugs and cockroaches.


You can either hire the best pest control services in Australia or follow the tips shared below and keep creepy roaches at bay.


1. Fill Cracks/Gaps and Crevices

Cockroaches and bugs tend to get into your home when summer heats causes them to seek shelter in cooler places. Thus, they try to enter home via cracks and gaps between your windows, walls and doors.


Caulking the cracks and crevices of your home can prevent the bed bugs and roaches from coming inside in the first place.


Do not forget to check your yards and gardens because most common types of bugs exist in such areas. So, seal up even the tiniest spaces to avoid infestation.


2. Remove Food Crumbs and Scraps

Keeping the kitchen counters, appliances, a stovetop and floors clean is one of the best ways to keep small creeps at bay. Food scraps or crumbs not only attract germs and bacteria but also invite roaches and bugs.


So, make sure you pay attention to these areas while sprucing up your kitchen. Remove crumbs, food splatters, burnt food particles and spills from the kitchen appliances as well.


Prepare a homemade cleaning agent using white vinegar, warm water and liquid dish wash soap. This will help you get rid of stubborn stains as well. Also, Wipe the counters after prepping your meals to prevent the spread of mess. You can also do the dishes before going to the bed. Make this an habit and keep your house pest free.


3. Use Lemon and Baking Soda

One of the easiest hacks to keep the disgusting roaches at bay is using lemon and baking soda solution. You can pour the solution into the drain outlets and wash the surface underneath the sink and counters to stop the unwanted breeding of creepy crawlers in the cooking space of your home in Australia.


4. Eliminate Hiding Areas

After sealing the cracks and gaps, the next thing you need to do is to eliminate hiding places in your kitchen. It is because cockroaches and bugs love to hide in piles of dust, dirt and stuff.


So, remove the paper bags you might have tucked between your dryer or washer. Throw the trash daily as they tend to hide inside the dustbin. Check all your cupboards, cabinets and shelves and get rid of pests as soon as possible.


You can also hire the most trusted pest control company in Australia to get things fixed in the most effective manner.


5. Keep Food in Sealed Containers

Believe it or not! Cockroaches are the most disgusting inspects because they can eat up cardboard and thin plastics if you have stored food in it. If there is a roach infestation in your kitchen, it is good to transfer your food items into sealed steel containers.


From flour to biscuits and cereal, all products should be stored appropriately. You can also keep them in large, sturdy plastic boxes to avoid infestation.


6. Dry Up Damp Areas

Leaky pipes and dripping faucets in your kitchen can invite cockroaches and other bugs. Make sure you check areas behind the taps, under the sink, and throughout your basement for moisture. It is good to fix leaking pipes as quickly as possible. Damp or moist areas can also attract mould and mildew, which can lead to various health concerns.


The best thing you can do is to install a dehumidifier to dry damp areas in your home, as well as your kitchen.


7. Boric Acid Can Do Wonders

You can use boric acid to kill insects like roaches and bugs. It is one of the most effective solutions that can prevent your kitchen from insects and pests. However, it can be toxic to humans and pets as well. So, use it with extra caution.


Keep your kids and pets away from that area while using the boric acid. It is good to keep your windows open for proper ventilation. Also, wear gloves and a face mask while applying the product.


8. Hire Professionals

Never forget that pest control companies are equipped with the necessary tools, products and procedures to give you quality service. If there is an infestation of roaches and bugs in your home, you should always call the best pest control service provider in Australia.



These are some of the great tips that will help you keep creepy roaches and bugs at bay from your kitchen. You can also focus on keeping the cooking station of your abode mess-free and clean to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.


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