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There are more than 3,000 species of spiders in Australia, and many of these species are highly venomous – like Sydney Funnel-web and Redback Spider. Spider in the home is a common issue in Australia because they like dark, warm, small spaces, like your basement, storeroom, etc. Usually, they do no bite, but a few species can be very dangerous. Thus, you need to remove them from your property. Contact us to get a reliable and affordable spider removal service.

  • We use effective pesticides
  • We strictly avoid any hidden cost
  • We have seasoned professionals
  • We ensure the best quality
We Have Expertise in Removing All Types of Spiders

Whether it is tarantulas, Tree Funnel Web Spider, Trapdoor Spider, or Harvestman Spider, our experts are capable to remove every type effectively.

Significance of Spiders Removal Service

This particular service is very important for any household. Australia is known for the home of many dangerous spider species, and you won’t want them at your home. The main importance of this service are as follow:

01. Safety

Get rid of the highly venomous spider from your home and make it a lot safer.

02. Heath

Presence of spiders in your oven, bed, toothbrush, can make them extremely unhealthy for a person. Contact us to solve the problem.

03. Peace of Mind

When you know that your house is free from all types of harmful spiders, it will give you peace of mind.

04. Prevention

Our experts not only eliminate the spider from your property but also prevent their future growth.

Worried About The Spider Bites? Contact Us Today and Book Our Service

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Our Strength
Why We Are No.1 Pest Control Specialists

Better Pest Control has carved a niche for itself as a reliable pest control specialist across the nation. We have served thousands of clients and received positive feedback.

Advanced Tools

Our professionals use advanced tools and equipment to remove spiders and other harmful pest. This also check their future growth.

Trained professionals

We trained our professionals with latest techniques and conduct quality test from time to time. This make them more efficient in removing pests.

Free Estimates

If you want to know about the cost of the service, you can call our customer support executives. They will give you a free quote.

Quality Assurance

Our quality is one of our top most priority! Thus, our professionals give their best and make sure the clients get perfect result.

Sense of Deadline

We understand the value of your time. Thus before we undertake any project, we mention a deadline and work according to it.


Better Pest Control not only focus on the quality but also make sure that services are affordable, so that everyone can avail our service.

Presence Of Spiders Can Be A Serious Threat For Your Kids! Call Us

Spiders can be very harmful for your children. Get rid of them and other pest to make your home safe and healthy.

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Our Strength

Better Pest Control has carved a niche for itself as a reliable pest control specialist across the nation. We have served thousands of clients and received positive feedback.


We Offer Reliable and Affordable Spiders Removal Service

Our professional exterminator are highly appreciated for their professionalism and effective solution.

Get the Best Possible Spiders Removal Service in Australia

We are known for high-quality pest control service at the best price.

We offer
Our Main Focus Points

The reason we have become a trustworthy name in the pest control industry because we have set a focus points and we never miss them while dealing with our clients.


One of our top priorities is to make sure that our clients are safe. Thus, all of our professionals are police checked.

Easy Booking

Our booking process is pretty easy. All you need to do is call our executives and book the service as per your convenience.

Best Quality

We always strive to provide unquestionable quality service to everyone. Our experts never fail to impress our clients.

Call Our Customer Support Team and Get Your Free Quote

If you have any doubts or queries, we will be more than happy to help you.

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Removing spider from your property can be a tricky task! Rely on our experts to get the job done perfectly.

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Better Pest Control is a Reliable name in the market for effective Pest Control Service.

Our Team is Our Strength

We feel proud to have a team of pest control experts who have deep knowledge about spiders and how to remove them effectively. Whether you are in Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Perth or Melbourne, our local experts are everywhere who understand the environment in a better manner. They are capable to identify the type of spider quickly and use methods accordingly. Our experts have removed spider from thousands of homes, offices, restaurants, and other commercials spaces. So, they know how to deal with spider problems.

To keep them one step ahead of the other, we train them with the latest techniques and make they have all the advanced tools to get rid of the normal as well as venomous spiders quickly. Our professionals are highly appreciated by our clients for their effective solution, deep inspection, sense of deadline and overall professionalism. If you want to have them at your place, book our service as per your convenience and let them help you with the spider problem.