What Are The Serious Threat Posed By Fleas And How To Stop Them?

What Are The Serious Threat Posed By Fleas And How To Stop Them?

Fleas are tiny, wingless insects that can invade your home through your pets. These pests have long hind legs that can jump from one place to another. The worst part is that they reproduce quickly and thrive in carpets, upholstery furniture, rugs, carpets and fabrics. They can also enter your home even if you don’t have pets. So, be prepared for it!


It is important to prevent flea infestation because it can spread dangerous diseases to people and pets. They usually feed on the blood, and this can cause anemia. Apart from this, it can also transmit diseases, such as heartworms, Lyme disease and tapeworms.


It can also pose serious human health threats, including allergic reactions and infections. If you want to improve your indoor air quality and keep fleas at bay, hire the best pest control services in Australia. They can get the pests out of your house.


Here is a complete guide on the serious threat posed by fleas and how to stop them from spreading:


How Do Fleas Invade Your Home?


It is easy to overlook flea infestation until you find itchy and red bumps on your skin. Here are three ways these small insects can get inside your abode:


Pets Can Bring Fleas


Cats and dogs can get fleas in your house. These wingless pests feed on blood, and animals are the easy target. They can hop off your pet while playing in the garden or yard.


They can even come from your neighbour’s pets that roam in your yard.


Rodents and Other Pests


Fleas can invade your home if you have rodents and other pest infestation. This is a serious problem, and you must get rid of it quickly. It is important to protect your family against diseases caused by rodents.


They Can Hitch a Ride on You or Other People


Fleas usually live outside in the tall grass. If you have a yard or lawn, they can easily enter your home via open windows, doors and clothes. These small insects don’t prefer humans as their hosts but can hitch a ride on your clothes and enter your house.


What is the Serious Threat Posed by Fleas?


There is no denying that fleas can transmit various diseases to animals and humans. Here are some of the common flea diseases you need to be aware of:


Flea-borne or Murine Typhus


This is one of the common flea-borne diseases caused by Rickettsia typhi. It spreads to humans via contact with infected fleas. When an infected flea bites a person or an animal (a dog or cat), it breaks the skin and causes a wound. This can lead to an infection that needs to be treated as quickly as possible.


Signs and Symptoms:

• Fever and Chills
• Muscle Pain
• Loss of Appetite
• Stomach Pain
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Skin Rashes


Untreated disease can even damage your organs, like the lungs, kidneys and liver.




The bite of an infected flea also transmits Plague Bacteria. Pets may also bring plague-infected fleas into your home. Exposure to flea bites may result in primary bubonic plague. It may pose serious health concerns if not treated immediately.


A person usually shows symptoms 2-8 days after being infected. It is important to visit the doctor if you have a fever, chills, headache, shortness of breath, vomiting and stomach pain.




Tapeworms can directly attack the intestines of dogs, cats and humans. Pets can get this disease by swallowing infected fleas. Toddlers and children can also get this disease if they accidentally ingest a flea. Common symptoms are:


• Diarrhea
• Weight Loss
• Loose Stools
• Stomach Pain


Mycoplasma Haemofelis


It is a parasitic, bacterial disease transmitted to cats via flea bites. RBC or red blood cell infection can cause fever and anemia in cats. According to doctors, M haemofelis can infect humans with weakened immune systems. Some of the common signs are:


• Intermittent Fever
• Depression
• Lethargy
• Lack of Appetite, etc.


How to Prevent Flea Infestation in Your Home?


There is no denying that fleas are a serious threat to your health. It is important to prevent the spread of them as quickly as possible. Consider the following steps and keep fleas at bay:


Identify the Source of the Fleas


Fleas love to thrive in moist and warm areas. So, checking your pet’s fur, carpets, rugs, and furniture is important. Call a professional pest control in Australia to treat flea infestation if you can’t identify it.


Treat Your Pet Immediately


Is your cat or dog scratching too much? Whether you see any of the above symptoms or a wingless flea on your pet, take him to the vet and get proper treatment. Do not stop in the middle, as it can occur again.


Vacuum Your Carpets, Couches and Floors


Use a HEPA-filter vacuum machine, as it can kill 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria with ease. You can vacuum your affected carpets, upholstered furniture and floors at least once a week for 2 months if fleas invade your house. Regular cleaning can also help you identify and control termite infestation.


Wash Your Pet’s Bedding in Hot Water


Fleas can linger on your pet’s bedding and can spread all around your house. So, it is good to wash the bedding in hot water to kill eggs and larvae.


Book the Best Pest Control Service


This is one of the best ways to stop flea infestation. You can do proper research and hire a company offering high-quality pest control in Australia. They come fully equipped with all the latest tools and equipment to kill all types of pests and help you maintain a clean abode. Make sure you keep the safety precautions in mind when doing pest control, especially if you have kids.


Wrapping Up


Identifying the source of fleas and treating them as soon as possible is imperative to prevent flea-borne illnesses and other symptoms. Make sure you regularly groom your pet and clean your house to keep pests at bay.

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