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If you know the exact condition of the property you are buying, you can avoid numerous problems and extra costs in future. A residential or commercial property might look good from the outside, but it can be damaged due to the presence of harmful pests like termites. Thus, before you make any commitments, know about the property condition. You can contact our professionals for a pre-purchase property inspection report, which is also called building inspection. We will give you a detailed report on the exact condition of the building.

  • We give an accurate and reliable report
  • Our professionals have expertise in building inspection
  • We offer an affordable price plan
  • We Are One-stop solution for all your pest-related problems
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Benefits of This Service

Before you purchase a property, you must know about the actual condition. And this is only possible if you hire experienced professionals. Whether it is a home, office or any other commercial property, we assure the best building inspection service.

01. Get Expert Advice

The best thing about this service is that you get professional advice before making a huge investment.

02. Save Money

If the property condition is not up to the mark, back off from the deal and save money.

03. Get Exact Facts

You get exact information and data about the condition of the property. You cannot do it on your own.

04. Plan Your Budget

If you already know how much repair works your property requirements, you can always plan your budget accordingly.

Trustworthy and Affordable Building Inspection Service

Know if your new place has a harmful pest or not!

Get Specialist Advice about the Major Pest Problems in Your Building
Before you move to a new place, allow us to inspect the property!

Better Pest Control is one of the leading names in the pest control industry. We always stay one step ahead of others and thus we never fail to satisfy our clients with our service quality.

Technical Knowledge

For the building inspection service, some technical knowledge is require. Our pest control professionals have that knowledge and skills.

Experienced Professionals

Our professionals have inspect countless buildings in Australia and helped thousands of client with the essential information about the pest.

Cost-Effective Solutions

One of the main reasons why we are ahead of other is because of our cost-effective solutions. Our professionals use innovative methods.

Best Quality

Our quality speaks for itself! At Better Pest Control, quality always remains our top-most priority. Our expert inspect every property perfectly!

Sense of Deadline

We train our professionals to work and finish the task within a specific time. Thus, finish all our projects on time.

Free Quotes

The cost of the service depends on the size of the property. So, if you want to know it, call us and get a free quote.

Looking For Reliable and Affordable Building Inspection?

Better Pest control is a trustworthy name across the nation for providing all kinds of pest-related solutions at the best price. We have experts who have in-depth knowledge about how to remove different types of pests.

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Get Specialist Advice about the Major Pest Problems in Your Building

Better Pest Control is one of the leading names in the pest control industry. We always stay one step ahead of others and thus we never fail to satisfy our clients with our service quality.


You Can Expect the Best Quality from Us

Whether we are proving building inspection service to our clients or any other pest control service, we always strive for the best possible quality. Our experts use the latest techniques to find out the problem and prepare a detailed report that help the client in future.

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We Value
Our Top-Most Priorities

Better Pest Control has emerged as a reliable name across the nation because we have set some priorities, and we never fail to achieve them.

Client Safety

We have police verified professionals so that you do not hesitate before allowing them in your home.

Stay up-to-date

We make sure that all our experts are up to date with the latest techniques and machinery.

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is essential for us. This helps us to build a reliable client base.

We Offer Best Pest Control Service in Australia

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Get a Reliable Building Inspection Report Before You Buy a Property

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Our customer support executives are always available to help you with essential information.

Our Exceptional Building Inspection Service

Whether you want to buy a home or a commercial space, it is important that you avail a professional building inspection service from a reputed company. This will give you a clear picture of the condition of the property and how much you might have to pay for repair work in future. At Better Pest Control, we offer the best building inspection service at affordable price. Our experienced team of professionals use advanced tools and latest techniques for the inspection of the building and prepare a detailed report.


We have helped hundreds of our clients to choose the right property. We provide building inspection service and other pest control service in various places like Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle and so on. Our professionals are highly appreciated by our client for their exceptional service, cost-effective price, professionalism and sense of deadline. We also make sure that all our pesticides are safe from the environment and human health.