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Cockroaches are perhaps the most common and harmful pests in Australian homes and offices. They can easily contaminate your food, preparation areas and utensils with egg sacs, droppings, cast skins, foul odours and regurgitation marks. If you don’t want to take a chance with the health of your children, contact Better Pest Control today! With using our effective cockroach control techniques to remove them from your residential and commercial properties.

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Don’t Let the Cockroaches Spread Diseases in Your Home

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Cockroach-Borne Diseases

Cockroaches represent dirt and poor hygiene. Their nesting and feeding habits mean they can gather an extensive range of harmful organisms which they spread to food items and various surfaces where they crawl and feed.

01. Salmonellosis

This is a disease, which has symptoms like food poisoning

02. Campylobacteriosis

It can lead to bloody diarrhoea, cramps, fever and abdominal pain.

03. Listeriosis

The symptoms of this infection include headaches, confusion, convulsions and loss of balance.

04. E.coli Infections

Some of the common symptoms include muscle aches, chills, nausea and fever.

For Reliable and Affordable Cockroach Control Service

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What we offer
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Better Pest Control is one of the most reputed pest control companies across the nation and known for its quality service and skilled experts.


We are helped hundreds of Australian family in removing harmful pest from their properties. Our experience gives us an edge over our competitors.

Sense of Responsibility

Our seasoned professionals undertake a project with complete responsibility. We thoroughly inspect a property and offer a suitable solution.

Economical Price

We not only focus on the quality of the service but also make sure that everyone can afford our service.

Safe Pesticides

At Better Pest Control, we never use any pesticides that can cause harm to the environment or your health.

Flexible Booking

If you want to book our cockroach control service, you can choose the date and time as per your preference.

Free Quote

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We Use Eco-Friendly Pesticides to Remove Cockroaches!

Unlike other pest control company in Australia, we use pesticides that are safe for the nature and the health of our clients. We use innovative ways for cockroach pest control.

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What we offer

Better Pest Control is one of the most reputed pest control companies across the nation and known for its quality service and skilled experts.


Your Safety is Our Priority

We use unique and innovative and treatments to resolve pest problems quickly and effectively.

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Despite having several pest control companies in the country, we have emerged as a leading name in the market. To stay one step ahead of the others by adding extra value to our pest control service.

Free Quote

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Flexible Booking

You can book our service as per your preferred date and time.


At the end of our service, we take valuable feedback from our clients.

Book Our Cockroach Control Service Anytime and Anywhere

We are more than capable of providing service as per your preferences.

We Have a Team of Highly Experienced Pest Exterminator

Our qualified technicians located across the nation offer a swift and trustworthy service.

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We have more than a decade of experience in protecting Australian families from harmful cockroaches.

We Provide Safety to Your Family

Cockroaches are attracted to those places where they can find food, moisture and warmth. Thus, they are usually found behind the refrigerators, stoves, sinks as well as inside major appliances and underfloor drains. They not only responsible for several diseases but also a bad odour. Cockroaches eliminate their body waste where they live. This produces an unpleasant musty smell that attracts other cockroaches to that place. If you are also experiencing such a smell, it is high time to take professional help.

At Better Pest Control, we help our clients to remove all unwanted pests and make their home a healthier place. We use the latest methods and innovative strategies to make sure they do not come back in future. Our professionals are highly experienced and in-depth knowledge about all kinds of pest, including cockroaches.