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With an experience of more than a decade and a portfolio that includes hundreds of residential properties, restaurants, offices and other commercial spaces, Better Pest Control is trustworthy name in Brisbane. We make every possible efforts to deliver quality and reliable pest control services, and aim of exceed the expectation of our customers. Our team of pest exterminators are adequately trained and well-equipped to finish the task without any difficulties. Before we undertake any project, our experts properly inspect the property. Allow our professionals to remove harmful pests and insects from your property and make it a healthier place for you and your co-workers and family.

We Provide High-Quality and Thorough Pest Control Service

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Our Strength
Why We Are Reliable

We are one of the best pest control companies in Brisbane, Queensland. With our honesty and hard-work, we have successfully created a broad client base and we are constantly making efforts to increase that further.

Seasoned Professionals

At Better Pest Control, we are backed by a team of professionals who are highly experienced. Our experts have expertise in solving all kids of pest related problems – be it termites, spiders, fleas, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, or rates. Our seasoned experts inspect your property thoroughly to find out the main reason behind the problem. Then they discuss the problem with clients and offer suitable solution. They are highly appreciated for their professionalism.

Cost-Effective Price Plan

Whatever pest related solutions we are offering to our Brisbane clients, we always make sure that it is affordable to everyone. The price of the service depends on the property size and its condition. Thus, you can call our customer support executive and get your free quote. We not only offer our high-quality service at a reasonable price but also maintain the transparency. This is why, we don’t have any hidden charges.

Advanced Tools

One of the main reasons why we are reliable is because of our quick and effective solutions. And for that, we make sure that all our professionals are using advance tools and equipment like bait guns, sprayers, dusters, etc. We provide proper training to our experts so that they can use these tools perfectly to give you the best possible result. All our pest control tools and equipment are approved as per the industry standard.

Our Quality Assurance

Quality has always been our top most priority and thus, irrespective of the service and condition, we are offering to our clients, we always make sure that we are providing unquestionable quality every single time. Our outstanding quality at a reasonable price make us standout name among other service providers. After providing service to our clients, we always take their feedback very seriously and look to improve ourselves.


Our Priorities

At Better Pest Control we make every possible efforts to make sure that our clients get the result they expect. And to achieve that, we never fail to pay attention to these areas.

Your Problem

The first thing we do is to understand the condition of the property and how much damage the pest have already cause.

Your Safety

We make sure that all our professionals are police checked. So, you don’t need to hesitate before allowing them in your house

Your Feedback

Customer satisfaction is always important for us, so we take the feedback and try to improve the areas where we lack.

Best Pest Control Service for All Residential and Commercial Properties in Brisbane
Our Expertise
Why We Are Ahead of Other Service Providers

We at Better Pest Control always try to provide the highest quality pest control service. Our experts are specialised in offering different types of services at affordable price.

Trained Experts

All our pest exterminator are properly trained with the latest methodologies and tools.

Effective Solution

We have the most effective solution for all kinds of pest removal.


After the service, we visit your property to ensure the problem is resolved.

Thorough Inspection

Our professionals inspect your property thoroughly and then provide the right solution.

Easy Booking

The booking process is extremely easy. Just call us and mention your preferred date.

Verified Staff

All our professionals are police checked so that you can have peace of mind

Save Your property From Harmful Pests

Allow Our Professionals to Remove all Kinds of Pests from Your Home and Office.
Reliable and Affordable Pest Control Service in Brisbane

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Doubts or Queries
Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know about our pest control service in Brisbane, Queensland, read the following questions and their answers.

  • How can I contact your company?
    If you want to contact us, you can call our executives or send us an email with your queries and doubts. We will get back to you at the earliest. It is extremely easy to contact us.
  • How much does it cost for your services?
    The cost of the service depends on the type of the service, the size of your home and the condition of the pest problem. So, if you want an estimation, you can call our customer support executive and get your free quote.
  • What services do you offer in Brisbane?
    Better Pest Control is a one stop solution for all your pest related problem. Whether you are looking for Termite Inspection and its Treatment, Building Inspection, Spiders or Rats Removal, Fleas Treatment or Cockroach and Silverfish control, we offer all kinds of service.
  • Do you provide guarantee for your service?
    Yes, we do! At Better Pest Control we never compromise with the quality. Thus, after providing the service we keep a close watch on your property to make sure that the problems has been solved.

If you have any doubts or queries, call us today!

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