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Rats can be a serious problem, and if they manage to enter your home or business space. They can spread harmful diseases, cause substantial damage and also contaminate the food, which can make you very unhealthy. You need professional help to solve this issue. Better Pest Control is Australia’s leading service provider that offers the best possible rat pest control at an affordable price. For the last many years, we are helping homeowners and businesses across the nation.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable pest exterminator inspect a property thoroughly and then provide the best possible solution.

Why You Need Rats Removal Service

We offer the best rat removals service in all major cities in Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and Melbourne. You need this service because rats can be a serious threat to your property and family.

01. Damage Insulation

Rats can damage the insulation of your home.

02. Damage Walls

They can also create a hole in the walls and floor joists.

03. Cut Wire

They can chew electrical cables and cause fires.

04. Spread Diseases

Rats are known for spreading harmful diseases in your home.

Reliable Rat Pest Control at Affordable Price

Remove rats to keep your property and family safe

Benefits we offer
Why People Trust Our Service

We are a renowned name in the market because we always focus on providing the best possible result. Our hard work and commitment have helped us to create a large client base across the nation.

Highly Experienced

For more than a decade, we are offering premium quality rat removals service to our clients. We are known for our professionalism.

Trained Staff

We provide proper training to our professionals and also conduct the quality test from time to time.

Value for Money

The quality of our pest control service and the price you pay give you best value for your money.

Safe Professionals

Keeping in mind your safety, we make sure that all our professionals going to your place are police checked.

Easy Booking

You can easily book our rat removal service as per your preferred date and time. Call us to avail of our service.

Reasonable Charges

We are not only a reputed firm that provides unquestionable quality, but we also make sure our price is reasonable.

Looking for a Reliable Pest Control Company?

Better Pest Control is known for its innovative approach and unique methods to remove rats and other harmful pests from your property.

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Benefits we offer

We are a renowned name in the market because we always focus on providing the best possible result. Our hard work and commitment have helped us to create a large client base across the nation.


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All our technicians have years of experience and are highly trained and skilled pest controllers.

Don’t Let the Rats Spread Diseases at Your Home

Call us for best Rats Removal Service.

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If you want to get rid of the rats from your property, take professional help. You can easily book our service.

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Exclusive Treatment from Better Pest Control

Rats are a serious problem that affects countless Australian homes. The reasons why they get attracted to the residential properties is because it fulfils their basic requirements like food, water and most importantly, a safe shelter. However, they can be a serious threat for you and your family and your property. Rats not only spread harmful diseases and infect food, they also damage your home. With their sharp teeth, they can chew and damage the ducts, water pipes, conduits and electrical cables. Every year several households face water and short circuit problem because of rat infestations.

Better Pest Control has more than a decade of experience in dealing with rats and other harmful pests, so we know how to remove them permanently. If you want to protect your home or office, call our experts today!