Top 7 Remedies For Natural Pest Control

Top 7 Remedies For Natural Pest Control

A common problem dirty homes have is pest infestation by one or more isnects/animals. These pests can be cockroaches, flies, mites, rats, mice, bed bugs and others, depending on your house’s location, condition, and upkeep by the landlord or previous owner.


If the infestation happened due to your cleaning neglect, hiring pest control experts in Australia is one of the most practical and hassle-free solutions.


However, taking the assistance of professionals should be the last resort, and you should keep your house neat and tidy at all times to avoid having pests. Here are seven natural remedies for pest control that would help you effectively and efficiently prevent an infestation in your home.


Use Garlic Cloves

Pests tend to find corners of cabinetry, wardrobes, shelves, and other storage units ideal for taking residence. These areas are inconspicuous, usually dark, and often overlooked during regular cleaning.


Besides ensuring you wipe and vacuum them frequently, avoid pest infestation by placing one-two cloves of garlic in these spots. The garlic smell will keep rodents and insects away if you periodically replace the cloves when they dry.


Stick Lemons with Cloves

One of the best ways to keep flies, ants, mosquitoes etc., away from your home is to stick lemons with cloves. Cut them in half, and in each semi-sphere place 4-5 cloves before putting them near windows, entryways, and air vents.


The smell of lemon and cloves work as natural repellents for pests, making them stay away from such areas. Make sure to replace the lemons when they dry out, which can take up to a week, depending on the weather.


Sprinkle Corn-starch and Cayenne Pepper

Ants stock on food before monsoons and winters making them enter kitchens and pantries where supplies are readily available. They can spoil your ration and even cause itchy bites which is why it is essential you take measures to keep them out them moment you spot an ant.


The best way is to sprinkle corn-starch or cayenne pepper near corners, door tracks, and window frames. Ants are unable to digest corn-starch, and it kills them, making it an effective insecticide. Cayenne pepper is an alternative that you can use if you don’t want to kill the ants and keep them away.


Make a Peppermint Spray for Spiders

Peppermint is an anti-microbial essential oil that not only smells pleasant but also repels pests, especially spiders. In a spray bottle, mix 250 to 300 ml of water and 10-15 drops of peppermint oil.


Shake well before spraying it near ceilings, doors, windows, and corners of the house where spiders, ants, mosquitoes and other pests are usually spotted.

Pest control experts in Australia often use peppermint oil and other organic alternatives to repel and get rid of pests without harmful chemicals.


Make a Lavender, Spearmint or Eucalyptus Spray for Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

Pests like bed bugs and dust mites are visible to the naked eyes, but they can disturb your sleep, cause allergies and skin irritation. These pests are commonly found on beddings, upholsteries, curtains, and carpets, and to remove a significant infestation, it is best to hire pest control experts in Australia.


However, to prevent or treat a mild infestation, you can take 5-10 drops of lavender, spearmint or eucalyptus essential oils and add them to 250-300 ml of water. Make the solution in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over upholsteries, carpets, etc.


Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is not only an excellent cleaner that can repel most bugs, insects and rodents. To keep your home pest-free, you can sprinkle the powder on hard floors, carpets, furniture, or any other area and let it dwell for at least 10-15 minutes before vacuuming.


Pests are attracted to smells, food spills and particles that are common in households. By using baking soda, you can clean any area of your house and deodorise it to avoid pests without harsh chemicals or worrying about damaging surfaces.


Plant Mints Around Your House

Some homes attract more pests than others and the reasons can vary from the house’s location to the general cleanliness maintained by household members.


If you regularly clean yet ants, bugs, rodents, insects, and other pests keep pestering you, then plant mints around your house. You can keep sprigs of the fragrant herb near doors, windows, vents, and other entry points.


Alternately, you can get hanging mint plants that can keep pests away, keep your house smelling fresh at all times and add to your home’s aesthetic appeal too.



Infestation of insects, bugs, rodents, or other types of pests can affect the health of household members and make your home dirty. Therefore, if your house has a significant infestation, it is crucial you hire pest control experts in Australia who have the right equipment and products to terminate pests.


Additionally, you can use the seven natural remedies shared above to keep your home pest-free using organic and economical things.

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