How to Protect Your House from Termites?

How to Protect Your House from Termites?

Contrary to prevalent belief termite infestation is not a problem with just old houses it can happen to newly constructed structures as well. Therefore, it is imperative for every homeowner to be proactive and take measures to ensure his/her house doesn’t get these pests, especially if there is significant woodwork. Learning if your home has termites can be easy via a thorough inspection to look for tell-tale signs such as mud tubes on walls, spotting of wings or droppings, wood dust, holes in structures, etc. The review can be done personally or by an experienced professional who performs pest removal in Australia.

After the inspection, if it is confirmed, there is substantial infestation then seek the assistance of professionals offering termites removal in Australia. In addition to this solution, want to know the other ways to protect your house from termites? Read on!


Keep Your House Moisture Free

It may sound impossible, but it is necessary to ensure different areas of the house that can collect moisture should be kept dry and well-ventilated. Common areas where termites can breed when there is dampness are foundations, floors, walls, ceilings, attics, roof tiles, etc. Moisture in these areas attracts the pests and provides easy access to other parts of the house. Once these pests infiltrate your property, they can manoeuvre their way anywhere and cause substantial damage. To remove access dampness or moisture in your home, use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to maintain a balanced environment.


Minimize the Property’s Soil-to-Wood Contact

According to experienced termite removal professionals, the most common way termites get entry into a property is through soil-to-wood contact, which can be avoided by maintaining the required distance between the two elements. For people with gardens, wooden fixtures and soil can be separated with metals, cement, stones etc. Inquire about your house’s foundation to learn if they were made with wood and there was an anti-termite material used to separate the wood from the ground. 


Proof your House during Construction

One of the most effective ways to guarantee termites doesn’t infest your home is to proof it against the pests during construction. Hire a termite removal expert in Australia for inspection and provide a contingency plan for ensuring the house remains free of a pest infestation in the long run. The measures to protect the home may include the following.

  • Getting a Basaltic Termite Barrier (BTB) beneath the house
  • Use Termite mesh during construction
  • Capping brick and block foundations with crack-proof concrete
  • Ensure the wood is pre-treated with termite resisting solutions  


Apply Borate on Wooden Surfaces before Priming or Painting

Want to effectively proof wooden surfaces in your home for decades? Spay them with borate solution and let it soak to prevent termites from infesting the surface and keep it healthy for years. Once the solution is dry, apply primer or paint on the wooden structure for beautification and added protection. Borate is effective at proofing furniture, ceilings, floors, beams, frames, doors, etc. 


Get the Property Fumigated

Hire termite removal professionals in Australia for fumigation services in case the property is heavily infested with wood-eating and damage-causing termites. Contact reputed pest removal companies in Australia to know about their rates for structural fumigation, which is suitable for killing termites. It is performed by enclosing the house with an enormous tent securely, and it is gassed which penetrates all the areas of the property, including hard to reach spaces such as attics, crevices, and cracks. After the fumigation process is complete, your house can be treated to prevent reoccurrence.

— Use a Steam Cleaner To Kill Termites
Spotting termites around the garden and outer part of the house is common, and they should be removed using a steam cleaner. It is an effective method because steam can instantly kill termites upon contact and is a non-chemical removal method. If there are large areas infested with the pests, then take the assistance of a pest removal company in Australia that has trained professionals with commercial-grade equipment for steaming to purge houses with termites.

Put Termite-Ridden Furniture or Objects in the Sun 

Usually, wooden furniture and objects, especially the ones placed in outdoor settings are susceptible to termites as they are exposed to soil, moisture, and other factors that increase the chance of infestation. To get rid of termites from these things can be done by putting them outside where they are exposed to direct sunlight for at least three days. Extreme temperatures are not tolerated well by termites, and they die, which is why this method is effective. It will also help remove any moisture or smell and make the wooden furniture/object suitable for treatment to prevent future infestations.

The Bottom Line

Termites can cause substantial damage to your property’s structure and contents which is why it is essential to know how to protect your house from them. Through this guide by experienced termite removal professionals in Australia, learn the best ways to ensure an infestation doesn’t happen. 

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