How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The House?

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The House?

Spiders are considered one of the most common and annoying household pests. There are about 10,000 species of spiders in Australia, but most of them are not harmful. However, that doesn’t mean that you can overlook their presence in your home. Over time, they can build colonies inside the wall, and that can develop an unpleasant and strong odour.


They can also cause various allergies and lead to diseases. While most spider species are harmless, Australia is the home of some highly venomous spiders such as the Sydney funnel-web spider and Redback spider. Their bite can be extremely painful and fatal! Therefore, you need to ensure that your property is free from all types of pests, including spiders.


You can either get rid of the spider present in the house on your own or hire professionals who offer the best pest control in Australia. They have expertise in removing spiders and use modern tools and methods to accomplish the task perfectly. If you have decided to remove them yourself, then you might need some help. Instead of using harmful chemicals to get rid of them, follow natural ways.


Read on to know more about how to get rid of spiders in the house.


Use Natural Spider Repellents


You do not need the pesticides available in the market because most of these products are loaded with harmful chemicals that pollute the indoor air and cause irritation in the eyes, throat, skin, etc. Instead, opt for natural spider repellents that are cheap, highly effective and entirely safe for you.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent option for organic pest control, particularly for spiders. While it is safe for humans, it has acetic acid that gives it a sour taste and odour. It is something that the spiders cannot stand. All you need to do is, mix an equal quantity of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and apply it in different areas of your home. Pay attention to the cooking area entrances from where the spiders come in.


Like vinegar, spiders are also highly sensitive to citrus. So, having citrus fruits in a bowl on the dining table or kitchen counter is an excellent way to keep the spiders out of the house. You should also scrub the leftover citrus peels with the windowsills and doors. You can also soak orange peels in vinegar and leave for a day. Now, mix the vinegar and water in the bottle. Also, use this solution to remove spiders.


Mint is also a brilliant natural repellent for the pest. So, fill a spray bottle with water and peppermint essential oil and then spray the solution all over your house. One more thing that you can do is crush dried mint leaves and keep them in little pouches in your kitchen and pantry area. In case you don’t have fresh mint, you can also use mint flavoured tea bags. Planting mint leaves near your entryways is another fantastic way to keep the spiders out of your house.


Clean Your Home Thoroughly


One of the best ways to get rid of the spiders and make sure they stay out of the house is to clean your abode thoroughly. From ceiling corners, light fittings and basement to under the kitchen sink and window skills, spiders can be anywhere. So, clean your home properly using a checklist, so you do not skip any spot. Remove the cobwebs the moment your notice it. You can either clean it on your own or hire professionals to get the job done perfectly.


Hire Pest Controller


If you have spider colonies in your house along with other pests, then removing them on your own can be a challenging task. In this situation, hiring experienced pest controllers can be very useful. They use advanced tools and chemical-free pesticides to get the job done. You should always use organic pest control in the home and only choose a company that use eco-friendly products.


Take Preventive Measures


To keep the spider out of your home, hiring a certified pest control company in Australia won’t be enough. It is also important to take the following preventive measures.

Keep Your Home Organised

Spiders prefer dark and crowded environments. So, get rid of the clutter and try to keep all the rooms organised, even if it is a garage. They love to live in cardboard, plywood, boxes and firewood heaps, so keep an eye on such things.

Don’t Let Them In

To get rid of the spiders, you need to make sure that they do not come back. So make sure your home is perfectly sealed properly, which will prevent spiders and other pests from entering your home. Thoroughly check the door openings and windowsills to ensure there is no space for them to fit. Covering any cracks and openings can also help you a lot.


Take Away


Getting rid of the spider can be a little stressful task, but it is essential to improve environmental health. Therefore, follow the ways mentioned above to accomplish the task without any stress or hassles. If you have spider colonies, it is advisable to contact professionals who offer reliable pest control in Australia. They will get the job done perfectly.

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