How To Control The Termite Infestation?

How To Control The Termite Infestation?

Termites, also known as white ants, are pesky pests that can infest any house at anytime. Australia has over 350 termite species, and 20 of these eat solid wood and are considered pests. Therefore, your house having an infestation is a serious issue because it can damage pergolas, furniture, floorboards and other wooden structures.


Termites can cost you thousands of dollars because severe infestation requires fumigation by experienced pest control professionals in Australia, and you have to pay for replacements. The best way to avoid a bad situation is to control the termite infestation in the initial stage. Thus, I am sharing a complete guide outlining insights for identifying signs of an infestation, curbing the spread of termites and more.


How do Termites get into Your Home?


Two main types of these pests in Australia are Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites. Subterranean termites usually live in-ground and need constant contact with soil and a source of moisture. Drywood termites don’t need soil or moisture; they can infect timber and only need its moisture to thrive.


Subterranean termites infest homes when furniture or other items come in contact with the ground and soil. In contrast, Drywood termites can infest your abode via flight or an already-infested wooden item. Both these species like to feast on timber but especially pine wood.


Signs Your Home has a Termite Infestation


Multiple signs show your house has termites. The easiest-to-find signs are listed below, and you should hire a pest control service in Australia if you spot most or all of them.


• Broken wings almost equal in size
• Wooden structures or items have holes, and wood dust
• There are mud tubes on the surfaces (subterranean termites travel via mud tubes)
• The timber sounds hollow then you tap it with your knuckles
• Wooden doors and windows that are swollen, tight and hard to open.
• There are grainy and brown droppings on the surfaces
• Blistered or saggy floors and wooden boards
• Damaged beams, rafters, architraves and other fixtures on walls/ceilings


How to Control a Termite Infestation?


Termites are pesky pests, and their removal requires time and energy. If the pests are widespread, it is best to hire professionals for termite and pest control in Australia. They have the tools, equipment and products to treat different surfaces and fixtures.


Additionally, they can perform the task within a day and even apply termite repellents to prevent future infestations. However, if the termites are limited to a small area, you can use the following ways to control termite infestation.


Kill Termites with Heat


Most termites cannot stand high temperatures, which is why the best way to bust them from an infested piece is to keep it in the sun for a few days. For example, keep termite-ridden furniture in the sun, which will generate enough heat to kill the pests.


Try Natural Remedies


Termites hate the smell of peppermint, orange or neem essential oil. Thus, you can use it as a repellent by mixing a few drops of the oil in water and spraying the affected area routinely. You can also:


• Mix borax and water to spray on the pests to kill them.
• Keep furniture and wooden items over the ground and never in direct contact with soil.
• Lure termites out with a damp cardboard box. Its cellulose will attract the pest. Once they are out, burn the box.
• Ensure there are no leaks and vents are unclogged.
• Create a potent termite killer by mixing vinegar with water or lemon juice.
• Use commercial-grade pesticides. Read the label for proper usage instructions and follow the steps carefully.
• Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the affected area & it will dehydrate the pests causing them to crack and die.


Get Termite Barriers


If you are building your house or getting renovations done, you must invest in termites barriers. These physical or chemical tools, like metal meshes, sealants, membranes, screens, etc., keep termites out of your home. They are designed to keep termites and other pesky pests away from furniture, decks and other household items/surfaces.


You can hire professional pest control services in Australia to install these barriers. But get your home, and its state inspected to ensure the professional can suggest the best and most affordable solution for your home.


The Bottom Line


Termites can infect wooden structures, surfaces, furniture and fixture anytime. The environment must be conducive, and termites must have access to your home. It can happen via the introduction of infested items or contact with soil.


Thus, you must remain careful and use termite repellents. If your house gets a major infestation, hire professionals for pest control in Australia. However, if the pests are controllable without professionals, use the tips above to make your home termite-free.

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