Effective Solutions To Keep Possums Away From Your Home

Effective Solutions To Keep Possums Away From Your Home

Brushtail and Ringtail Possums are wide-eyed and furry marsupials common across Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and other eastern/western/northern parts of Australia. While they look cute, possums are menaces that wreak havoc in your yard, eating flowers, destroying gardens and rummaging through your house.


Even though they don’t pose any physical threat to humans, having these pests on your property is stressful and can give you countless sleepiness nights with scuttling because they are nocturnal. Hiring professionals performing quality pest control in Australia to get rid of possums in your home is the best solution since they are protected under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).


However, prevention is better than a cure, which is why you must take proactive measures and follow the effective solutions mentioned below to keep possums away from your home.


Install Motion Sensor Lights

Scare possums away by installing motion-sensing lights in your yard and other outdoor areas. These lights are motion-sensitive and turn over when anything comes within their sensing range. These fixtures are energy efficient and add to your home’s privacy and security, making them great additions to your property. They work by startling possums whenever they enter your home’s premises, and the pests get discouraged when the pests know this happens every time.


Use Natural Pest Repellents

Always prefer to repel pests rather than kill them by using natural and non-toxic items. Since possums don’t like strong and pungent smells, you can easily keep them away from outdoor areas by placing mothballs, camphor, garlic, onion etc. DIY repellents also work excellently against possums, and you can make them with ingredients readily available at home.


For example, make a garlic possum repellent spray by mixing 6-7 cloves of chopped garlic and a litre of hot water. Let the garlic infuse the water with its taste and smell overnight and strain, then pour into a spray bottle. Sprinkle this repellent once or twice a week on plants and areas visited by possums around your home, and the pests will be gone for good in no time.


Note: If you plan to hire professionals for pest control in Australia, ensure they use organic and non-toxic products for pest control in home and garden.


Maintain Proper Household Hygiene

Avoid attracting pests of all kinds by maintaining proper household hygiene. Develop a daily cleaning and sanitising routine to remove organic and plastic waste in your home. Possums and other pests look for continuous food sources, meaning your home becomes desirable when peels, fruits, vegetables, grains, and other items are out in the open or easily accessible to them.


In addition to throwing away trash, clean and disinfect household surfaces to keep them dust and grime-free. Possums don’t like the smell of ammonia, bleach and other cleaning agents, which is why sanitising your home regularly can keep them away.


You should also clean your house before your hired pest control professionals in Australia arrive. Getting pest control done after house cleaning is beneficial and makes it easier to sanitise your home afterwards as well.


Feed Pets Inside

Pets are messy eaters and drop food bits while consuming their routine meals. Pet feeds can instantly attract possums if you feed them in the yard, garage, or other outdoor areas. Therefore, to keep the pests away from your home, feed your pets indoors and clean the mess immediately after they finish.


Furthermore, make sure to transfer pet food into airtight containers rather than keeping them in plastic bags. Possums can easily tear the bag and consume the food, making them return to your house repeatedly.


Keep Outdoor Cooking/Feeding Equipment Clean

Possums are not picky eaters and are known to eat also anything from trash to fresh food supplies. The smells from unclean cooking or feeding equipment can attract them to your home. Therefore, if you have barbeque grills, stone ovens, bird feeders and other equipment in your yard, deck etc., scrub them clean when they are not in use.


Make sure to keep seeds, nuts, grains and other food in feeders during the day and remove them by evening to prevent possums, mice and other rodents.


Don’t Hesitate To Take Professional Help

Getting rid of possums when they already visit your house is difficult, and to get a fresh start, you must seek a professional pest control service in Australia. They have the equipment, products and expertise to identify and target areas where pests dwell. You can schedule a possum control and removal any time of the year and keep these pests away from your home.


The Bottom Line

Possums are common pests that rummage through houses across Australia. Depending on homes’ cleanliness, location, availability of food and other factors, some abodes are more attractive than others. If your home has possums and you need assistance, the best solution is to hire professionals performing pest control in Australia. But, follow the effective solutions mentioned above to keep them away all year round.


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