Controlling Rodents After The Flood

Controlling Rodents After The Flood

Marauding mice is a significant problem many regions of Australia are facing for months now. If the bushfires of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak weren’t enough, the people in New South Wales, Sothern Queensland, and many other areas are suffering from the mouse plague.


The rodents are contaminating drinking water, entering homes, raiding rations and compromising the overall wellbeing of homes. What’s more, several regions of NSW (predominantly) and Queensland are flooding after the first week of March 2021, causing the NSW and Australian Governments to declare natural disaster zones and offer Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) to those severely impacted by the storms and floods.


Although the floods are wreaking havoc, locals are hopeful they will mitigate the infestation of rodents. However, experts are skeptical and predicting the floods might not end the mouse plague. In fact, flooding can make matters worse by displacing rodents and making them desperate for shelter, food and water, which can be found in homes, buildings, barns etc.


If you are in an affected area, what can you do about controlling rodents after the floods? Here is a complete guide outlining expert tips by experienced pest removal professionals in Australia, have a look.


Secure the Premises

Inspect your real estate to look for possible openings for pests, damages, and areas that require repairs. Doing this activity is especially important if your house or rented property was affected by the storms and floods.

Homeowners should make haste and get their property secured before rats, mice, squirrels, or other rodents have a chance to get inside. Tenants should request the landlord to inspect the property and get the necessary repairs done in case of damage.


Deep Clean Your Home

Trash, leftover food, spilled grains, dirty dishes and various other things can attract rodents to your house. Therefore, you should make sure the property is not only cleaned regularly but also deep cleaned after the storms and floods.


You can do the strenuous task yourself by gathering the right supplies or you can take the assistance of professional cleaners. Hiring expert cleaners for deep cleaning your house after floods or severe storms is preferred because they have high-end equipment and cleaning products which they can use with precision and skills.


Hire Pest Control Professionals

If your house has become infested by rodents and you cannot remove them, hire professional pest control experts in Brisbane to manage the problem. Professionals are trained and experienced at identifying the hiding places of rodents, using effective repellents, and making your home inhabitable for them.


While hiring professional pest control experts in Brisbane, make sure to ask for their methods for removals. Reputed and professional experts use:

    • Bait stations and bait products registered via the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)
    • Traps in areas where baits stations or bait products cannot be used
    • Tracking powders
    • Besides getting rid of existing rodents at your house, professional pest control experts in Brisbane proof your house for inhibiting future infestations.

      Pay Attention to Outdoor Areas

      Rodents can take cover and shelter in overgrown grass, weed, and trees, which is why you need to pay attention to outdoor areas. Additionally, they can hide in unused furniture, sheds, storage spaces, and other exterior parts of your house. Therefore, make sure you do the following tasks.


      • Mow the lawn regularly and remove weeds.
      • Inspect the garden/yard/deck for openings from where rats and mice can enter your premises. Block these openings with mesh cloths, metal sheets, or other items.
      • Get rid of old and unwanted wooden, plastic, and metal items where pests can hide.
      • Trim branches of trees that can help squirrels and other rodents to leap inside your yard.


      Use Repellents around the House 

      As prevention is better than cure, you should focus on keeping pests away from your home. It is possible by using the following non-toxic repellents.

      • Peppermint oil: Place cotton balls soaked with the oil around the entry points, cabinets, air vents, windows, etc. Rodents, especially mice don’t like the smell.
      • Cayenne pepper, cloves, and mint: In sachets of cheesecloths, store cayenne peppers, cloves, and mint leaves. Place these sachets where you have seen mice or know where they can hide, such as under furniture, inconspicuous corners, etc.
      • Moth Balls: Keep your beds, cabinets, wardrobes, and other storage units and furniture free of pests by keeping mothballs as per requirement. You can store mothballs in sachets or small containers with wholes, and the smell will keep the rodents away.


      The Bottom Line

      Understandably with the mouse plague and floods in various parts of the country, many people are suffering from rodent infestations. If you are among them or want to be proactive and keep your house free of rats, mice, and other rodents, then use this guide.

      The tips shared above are by professional pest control experts in Brisbane and will help you keep your abode sanitary and pest-free.

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