Buying A New Home? Why Termite Inspection Matters?

Buying A New Home? Why Termite Inspection Matters?

Termites are sneaky pests that can infest floorboards, furniture, and other wooden fixtures in any home. Until their infestation is significant, detecting their presence is difficult without taking the assistance of a pest control professional in Australia while house hunting. Checking the properties for termites is important to avoid when you plan to buy a new home.


Else, you will get a bad deal and end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Thus, you must perform a termite inspection when buying a new home.


Here is your complete guide by professionals performing pest control in Australia outlining the reasons for doing a termite inspection and insights about the process. Have a look.


The Repairing Costs Deplete Your Savings


Buying a new home is a major financial decision, and it impacts your savings significantly. It is an additional burden on you monetarily if the new property has termites. You will need to shell money from your pocket for home repairs and maintenance work.


A widespread termite infestation is difficult to manage without professional help. You will need assistance from a reputed pest control service in Australia, as the professionals have the products, tools and equipment to eliminate termites from household areas.


Often termite remediation costs more than the wooden surfaces/fixtures being installed or the new house being built. For example, fumigation is performed on the entire property and requires special equipment and training. The resources and time necessary for this procedure are significant, making it an expensive pest control service in Australia.


Termites Can Infest Your Furniture


When moving into a new home, most people bring furniture from their previous house since these home décor items are costly. Bringing to a property with termites can put these items at risk of an infestation. In such a case, you have a bigger problem at hand than before. Therefore, you must inspect the homes you select for buying for pests to protect your belongings from a termite infestation.


Catching an infestation in the early stage is difficult without professional expertise. Therefore, the furniture can be compromised by the time you realise the new home and the furniture you bring inside it have termites.


Decreases Value Of The House


One of the prime goals of any home buyer is to get an asset with good appreciation value. If you purchase a property with termites, its market value is low, and you end up making a bad investment. You cannot put the property back on the market without getting rid of the pests, which can cost you thousands of dollars.


If you choose to resell the property without performing pest control, you cannot get the original price paid for the house by yourself or make a profit. Therefore, a termite or pest inspection is crucial before purchasing a residential property.


Tips For Spotting Signs Of Termite Inspection


Termites are difficult to notice without a thorough inspection, and since most homebuyers have limited time, often they cannot conduct an in-depth property review. Under such circumstances, it is best to identify the tell-tale signs of termites.


  • Look for mud tubes emerging from floors, ceilings, baseboards etc. these tubes can lead you to termite nests. The tubes can also be on wooden frames of windows and doors.
  • Holes on wooden surfaces with leftover powder are common when termites eat through them. If you see such specks on furniture, floors, doors or other things, they can have termites.
  • Inspect doors and windows that jam while opening and closing as they expand due to moisture and become ideal places for termites to reside. Since the wood becomes soft and chewable, termites target these fixtures.
  • Discarded wings and droppings are common when the termites infest a flat surface that isn’t regularly cleaned.


Schedule A Termite Inspection


Termites can infest a newly built or pre-loved house/apartment. What’s more, the residential property can be ground level or the highest floor of a building; it can have wood-eating insects. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a home and shortlisted a few options, hire a professional performing quality pest control in Australia to inspect the properties for termites and other pests.


This activity should be on your checklist for ensuring the home you are purchasing is worth the investment. If the property does have an infestation, you can make an informed decision to seek professional assistance for pest control or look for another option.


The Bottom Line


Termites are among the most common pests found in homes. They proliferate rapidly and cause significant damage to wooden surfaces and fixtures. Therefore, you should schedule a termite inspection before buying a home because it matters a lot. It will put your mind at ease and come up with the right solution if a property is infested.

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